Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stronger, Longer Nails!

Hi Everyone :)

Not too long ago, I took off my acrylic nails (fake nails), which i had for more than a year on. When did take them off, my real nails were extremely weak and damaged. I have found a way which makes your nails grow, and be healthy and beautiful and i want to share it with you guys.

If you do your nails in the salon, am sure they will clean them really good, and take away all of your cuticles.

If you do your nails at home, what i do is,

1. Use a cuticle eliminator formula which will separate all of cuticles that are stuck to your nails, even what is not visible to the eye. It will lift everything from your nail.

I use this Cuticle Eliminator from Sally. Cuticle Eliminator
Apply this cuticle eliminator around your whole nail. With any stick you can buy in any beauty section, push your cuticle back, and you will see all the residue coming out of your nail. This will clean the nail and leave it ready and soft for the removal of your cuticle.

I use this cuticle cutter which i bought in Sallys. Cuticle cutter

So i did my nails last night and this is how my nails looked after i cleaned and cut all my cuticle and the nail was clear to grow faster and easier :)

After this the nail is ready for polish. I use a nail strengthener as a base coat. You can use ANY strengthener you find in Walgreens or so. 

Then you can apply any color you want :) Last night i used this gorgeous color! ORLY NAUGHTY

After the color is in your nails, i add a top coat which i absolutely LOVE! This top coat will dry your nails in no more than a minute!

You can buy this product in Sally or Walgreens Top Coat

Now when your nails are all pretty and dolled up you need to learn how to keep them healthy.

What i do is i use this product which is vitamin E oil. I apply it all over my cuticle 3 times a day, and after you apply it, you massage your cuticle.

To make my nail polish last the whole week, at the third day of having the same nail color, i apply a coat of strengthener on top of my nails. This will make my nails stay put for another couple of days.

I hope this blog helped someone, and your nails grow beautifully. I don't like mines super long, so i file them every time i do my nails which i do my own.

Tuddles ;)

iLi <3


  1. Nice Blog! I will definetely try this at home! Your nails came out beautiful!!!