Friday, February 3, 2012

Transform your nail look, without a new manicure!

SO, after days with your nail polish on, you can transform the look of your nails without taking the nail polish off. In minutes you can have a new look that can continue for a couple of days more. 

I went yesterday to Ulta, and somehow everytime i go to a makeup store, time just flies lol. Ok, so got some stuff there, but i want to talk about a GORGEOUS nail polish glitter i got there! 

The glitter i got is from the Ulta brand and it is super cute and glittery. Amazing for giving that extra touch to literally any color! Simply because it has glitter in like every color, so it looks nice on top of any nail polish color. 

This gorgeous color is called PiƱata-Yada-Yada and here is the link to it.

Pinata - Yada- Yada

I have been with my Naughty nail color from Orly,  for about 4 days now, and i really don't feel like doing my nail just yet. What i did is, i added a coat of this glitter to my nails, and it looks as if i just had a brand new manicure :) How cool is that!!!

So here is the final (QUICK) result:

I KNOW!! THEY LOOK GORGEOUS! and, i can get away with not doing my nails for a couple of more days!

The cool thing is, this nail glitter can be used with any under color. So if your nails were not red like mines, it would still work wonderfully!

I hope you guys enjoyed :)


iLi <3

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